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Tax Attorney

B. Sc. in Law from UFSC


Tax Attorney

OAB/SC Tax Law Board Member, Specialist in Tax Law


Tax Attorney

Professor of Tax Law at UNISUL, M.Sc. in Law from UFSC


Business Attorney

B.Sc. in Law and Business Administration from UFSC


Tax Consultant

Former Chief of Investigations of the Federal Revenue Service, B.Sc. in Economics and Accounting

We are committed to treat as ours the rights of the people who put their trust in us.

Areas of Practice

Established in 2002, as an office exclusively dedicated to Tax Law, our team is made up mostly of tax lawyers. With clients' demand to expand the practice, other areas have been incorporated, but our roots remain in tax issues.

Combining practical experience, academic training and personal commitment to clients, we manage tax liability and defenses in administrative and judicial litigation. We help to avoid disputes with the IRS through consultations and tax planning.

Among the services of the firm, audit support has proven effective for taxpayers, guaranteeing that the tax action does not exceed legal limits, minimizing the impact of fines and reducing the possibility of charges of crimes against the IRS.

With Brazilian taxation levels reaching historical levels, attention to tax expense is more and more important in cost management for individuals and companies. And it is in this area that Capella, Fogaça & Suzin can help.

Moral and material damages, as well as noncompliance with obligations are dealt with in Civil Law. These obligations may arise from the will of the parties involved, as in a real estate acquisition contract, or from legal resolutions, as in the provision of the Civil Code that guarantees the right of the injured party to receive compensation.

This type of judicial process is common when it involves persons (individuals or businesses) and the more common cases include:

  • Collection/Enforcement of sentence;
  • Compensation for moral or material damages (compensation, civil liability, etc.);
  • Eviction;
  • Property related action (adverse possession, demarcation, demolition, possessory, etc.);
  • Contract compliance

Choosing how the problem will be approached, knowing the judicial precedents that give basis to the judges’ decisions, formulating the queries for an investigation with a competent technical assistant and obtaining complete evidence are our responsibilities.

Whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant, professional expertise is fundamental to achieve the best possible outcome in a lawsuit.

The overlap of constitutional, infra-constitutional and conventional obligations, coupled with the constant change in the jurisprudence of the Labor Courts, make Labor Law a very important issue in business dynamics. Due to the economic crisis that we are experiencing, the labor market -  historically unstable in Brazil -  has made this issue even more important in the present day.

The repercussion of this instability and the high complexity of labor relations for companies is enormous, bringing inexorable risks - which, in turn, demand extreme caution and planning in order to avoid the development and/or increase of dangerous labor liabilities.

Full knowledge of clients' routines and their need to face and resolve labor issues, both of extrajudicial and judicial nature, has brought us experience and know-how. Labor law related work is always done in order to eliminate or mitigate risks, and plan for the future so that such liabilities do not become a true nightmare in the daily life of our client’s businesses.

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